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Daddy Dave, Farmtruck and Azn Out At Sturgis Discovery Ride 2017….

While it might seem like the communities of four wheeled enthusiasts and motorcycle riding are pretty intertwined, they aren’t as similar as you might think. Both communities might be able to appreciate each other, however, there are certainly a lot of aspects that differ and set the two apart in major ways. With this in mind, you can probably imagine that watching Street Outlaws stars, Farmtruck and AZN, as they hit one of the biggest bike shows in the world would be a very entertaining experience as they try to take themselves out of their comfort zone and sink into another realm entirely, ditching their racing machines in favor of… well, something a little bit different.

The action is coming at you from Sturgis as the dynamic duo takes the show by storm, with AZN wielding a Kawasaki Grasshopper that promises a blistering top speed of 62mph (maybe even more heading downhill!) and Farmtruck riding on a bodacious moped, decked out from top to bottom with radical stickers that make this thing stand out from the pack as it flashes its wares in the streets. As you can imagine, when these guys put their two wheeled rides in motion, it ends up getting rather entertaining to watch. In the words of the one and only Marshall Mathers, these guys stick out like a green hat with an orange bill. I’m not sure that they know any other way to do it, either!

Check out the video down below as Farmtruck and AZN hit Sturgis and are given a dab of help from Daddy Dave with the hopes that maybe, just maybe, they’ll be able to blend. The journey is an entertaining one so strap yourself in and check out the video below that puts you on the scene of the action.