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Farmtruck and AZN Go Salvage Yard Hunting, Add New Member to the Stable

One of the fun parts of watching Farmtruck and AZN build their rides is that we absolutely never know what’s going to come next. These guys are practically the dictionary definition of “off-the-wall” when it comes to putting together all sorts of creative things with an engine.

Therefore, fans of the dynamic duo can’t help it get excited when they add another member to the fleet. The possibilities are literally endless and we are left to our own imaginations to try and figure out exactly what it is that FNA is going to do with this new member of the collection. Most of the time, our guesses probably wouldn’t even come close to the wild build that is about to follow.

This time, we get to join in early in the process. With this particular video, the FarmtruckandAZN YouTube channel takes us behind the scenes to check in with a salvage yard find. It’s always exciting to go hunting in situations like these for that potential diamond in the rough. We never really know what they’re going to find in the junkyard as there is some good stuff that is just waiting to be stumbled upon.

The target in this particular outing is a Cadillac Eldorado. Down in the video below, we ride along with the team as they head to the salvage yard to pick up the old school Caddy. With such a big boat like this, there are a lot of different routes that one could take in a custom build. Where they go next is pretty much anybody’s guess.

After checking in with this one and seeing what the crew came up with here, where do you think this build is going to go? Are we headed to the drag strip, to the water, or somewhere else entirely?


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