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Farmtruck and AZN Tour the Holley Performance HQ

Sometimes, we just can’t help but look at a machine that’s designed to go fast and be left in complete awe. Even when we have figured out how certain systems come together to work, trying to figure out the science behind it and how a genius person or group of people managed to evolve this technology to the place where it is can simply continue to be mind-blowing. That’s why we leave it up to the professionals!

This time, we get to get up close and personal with the folks who are very responsible for developing such mind-blowing technology. How they even come up with some of these things is simply beyond me like the folks at Holley Performance really go above and beyond in the name of pursuing perfection.

In this particular outing, we get to ride along with the dynamic duo of FarmtruckandAZN as they get the full tour of Holley Performance HQ. Those who are invested in the world of going fast are going to want to buckle up and grab their popcorn for this one as we get to check in with every last corner of Holley from how they make parts come to life all the way to the cars that they use to test their parts on.

By following along with the video below, we get to check in with the process that is as much of an art form as it is a science. Come race day, everything needs to be firing on all cylinders and all parts need to be working together in perfect harmony which means making sure that every last component is operating at the top of its game. This video gives us a piece of the pie that shows why the folks at Holley are among the best in the business at facilitating horsepower and lots of it.

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