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Farmtruck and AZN Build A Burnout Truck For Summernats.

For those under the impression that we have the most impressive burnouts here in America, head down to Australia. They’ll really show off how it’s done. As someone who is incredibly proud of all the performance that we have managed to build here in the States, I think that it’s pretty easy to admit that we’ve been beaten down pretty hard when it comes to the art of the burnout.

Those guys and gals down under have entire events based around being able to kill tires on a skid pad. The result is a lot of fun to watch as cars push it to the edge. They’ll not only kill tires but also destroy other components in creating quite a show on their way to burnout supremacy.

This time, we tune in behind the scenes as Farmtruck and AZN chase down that goal. The “Skid Truck,” is what we end up getting. Essentially, the build is a Farmtruck replica that was designed with going sideways in mind. When it comes down to it, the truck does exactly that. However, the show didn’t necessarily go off without a hitch. There are quite a few challenges that go into a build like this. After all, the outcome has to be something powerful and reliable that’s capable of taking quite the beating.

In the video below, we check out what happens as the Skid Truck was put together. Simply doing burnouts sounds like something simple. There are lots of curveballs to consider these sorts of builds though. When all is said and done, we have a truck that’s nothing short of a blast. There’s something about watching this truck absolutely destroy rubber that’s incredibly satisfying and we can’t help but want to see more! Knowing these two, we get the feeling that there’s a lot of Skid Truck to come!

Photo credit – 405 Photo