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Farmtruck and Azn Take On Exotic Cars (Street Outlaws VS goldRush Rally)

When it comes to the world of racing, it’s really hard to deny a sleeper of its cool factor. On the other hand, though, we also can’t turn down a wild exotic.

Nothing is better than a machine that sneaks up on an opponent and bites when they’re least expecting it. However, something that has a little bit of style and allows the opposition to know that they’re about to get a handful is pretty fun to play with too. I guess that we’re saying that no matter how we slice it, we can’t help but love all the competitors in this video. Supercars and sleepers alike are getting in on the action this time!

First and foremost, we catch up with some sleepers that might have lost a little bit of their shock value. That’s only because so many have seen them at this point. When it comes across someone who hasn’t, it’s game on, though! For the fans, it’s still a ton of fun to watch Farmtruck and AZN’s creations go to work. After all, they are the most unlikely of competitors. When these two are turning the wrenches, they always seem to work, though.

This time, we watch as the Chevrolet C10 affectionately known as Farmtruck and the Gonorail go head to head with some impressive opponents.  It all happened as the Street Outlaws and Goldrush Rally clashed with racing in mind.

Check out the video below that puts some of the world’s most notorious sleepers to the test against exotics that also know how to rip! Neither the McLaren nor the Rolls-Royce representing Goldrush came to back down. It will be a handful to tackle the machines that the Street Outlaws built for racing, though!

It was most certainly an all-out call out between these two! Check out the action from Thunder Valley Raceway in Oklahoma City below! National No Prep Racing Association was on location to catch it all.


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