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Farmtruck Brings Home a Mystery Purchase!

There’s always something exciting about bringing home a new project vehicle.

Not only is there a certain thrill in being able to bring home a new vehicle to drive but also thinking about all of the possibilities that this thing might have over the horizon really can take that joy and crank it up. Honestly, there isn’t really all that much that comes closer to being a kid on Christmas than hauling home a brand new toy to tinker with.

If there’s an individual who definitely knows a lot about bringing home new projects, it’s Farmtruck. Over the years, we have seen the dynamic duo of Farmtruck & AZN bring home some pretty wild creations to put their own spin on. We have seen all sorts of different wacky ideas spawn from these two ranging from a Volkswagen Beetle set up for racing all the way to a Chevy Nova owned by Paul Walker.

This time, we check in with a ride that is pretty sweet as it sits. The machine is an old-school Chevrolet pickup truck that definitely has some years behind it. The truck was said to have been running when parked but when told that by a seller, we truly never know what we’re getting ourselves into. However, beyond the mechanical performance, this thing is a looker and we get a feeling that the machine would’ve likely received some new parts once in the new owner’s hands, anyway!

This time, by following along with the video below, we get the inside scoop as the new pickup comes home. Long term, who knows where we might see this thing but for now, it’s time to give it a nice little overview and talk about some of the potential plans. Knowing the talent behind this thing, we would think that it’s going to end up being something special!


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