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Farmtruck Drives Paul Walker’s ’63 Nova Wagon For the First Time

With Farmtruck and AZN, we never really know what project these guys are going to get into next. It seems like each and every build that they tackle is more interesting than the last. In their book, the more obscure, the better. We can’t help but wonder what this off-the-wall thinking is going to come up with next.

This time, we join in to catch up with their latest acquisition. The last time we tuned in, Farmtruck couldn’t quite make the trip to get their new ride. However, AZN and Lou would head to Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale to pick up a vehicle that actually used to belong to Paul Walker.

The car, a Chevrolet Nova wagon is in need of a little bit of love. In its current condition, the wagon is probably going to need some elbow grease to be brought back life. No matter the condition, though, how exciting would it be to own a vehicle that was formerly in the collection of Walker? This is a dream for a rather large portion of the car community.

Because Farmtruck couldn’t make the trip, that meant that he had a wait to get in on the excitement. After shaking the bug that he was dealing with, he finally would be able to check out the new car. This meant not only was the car going to be revealed to Farmtruck but we’re going to be able to dig into it deeper, too!

We have to admit that we were pretty excited to watch the car picked up from the auction. However, we have about a million and one questions about the machine. We craved the time that the Nova would be gone over more thoroughly. This is that time!

By following along with the video below, you’ll be able to get in on the action for yourself. We can’t wait to see this thing finally take form when the duo starts to execute and puts together more concrete plans of what they’re going to do with it.