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Farmtruck Finally Beats on the “Dirt Farmer” in Dramatic Fashion

Over the span of their careers, perhaps Farmtruck and Azn have become most known for their orange-clad Chevrolet C10 that shares a name with its driver. The Farmtruck has become quite the icon in the drag racing community. It has even inspired its fair share of spinoff creations.

Offering up a package that not too many would expect, the truck certainly turns plenty of heads. It appears as nothing more than a beat-up old truck that would be used to help on a farm. When people learn of its intentions to drag race, they can’t help but be impressed.

Now, the dynamic duo has come up with all sorts of different creations. It seems as if the more they make, the more obscure the ideas become. In this one, though, they went back to their roots just a little bit. Instead of starting all over again, they decided to draw inspiration from what they knew.

In order to compete this past weekend at Truckfest in Delaware, the dynamic duo pulled another C10 together. With a truck that looks incredibly familiar, it was modified to be able to handle the tough truck challenge. This means not only being able to go off-roading but also to be able to take a beating. Safety and performance were at the center of their attention as the guys really got down with a new platform. They’d call the creation “Dirt Farmer.”

By following along with the video below, we get to see one of the latest updates on the truck that would compete in the tough truck challenge. In this one, we finally get to see the fruits of their labor pay off as Farmtruck ends up getting behind the wheel and absolutely beating on the machine. We have to admit that we absolutely love seeing the truck pushed to the edge. The way that he’s wheeling this one is certainly a level of fun that just about any gearhead would love to be a part of.


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