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Fast & Furious 9 OFFICIAL Movie Trailer Shows “Dead” Characters Revived… Again

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on October 1, 2020

Let’s just get this out of the way and say it…. “Family.”

Now that we got it out of our system, let’s break this new trailer down that spells out the future of the furious.

Up until this point, the folks behind the Fast and Furious franchise have been teasing us. With bits and pieces of what we can expect of the movie, we’ve been waiting to get a more cohesive picture.

Just now, the official trailer for the movie has finally been released. It certainly has a lot to dig into. The trailer offers up its fair share of cinematic adventure. After all, the franchise has become known for big explosions and epic stunts. However, it also delivers to us a couple of familiar faces. Some of these aren’t so expected. Believe it or not, there are still a couple of storylines lurking behind all of that action.

Just like the rest of the most recent Furious movies, this one leaves us wondering what to expect. The franchise has put together an interesting reputation for being all over the place. Truthfully, I think that’s what keeps us coming back for more. We never know where our favorite heroes are going or how crazy things will get.

Major Plot Twist Featuring… John Cena?

In this installment, we have several different angles being thrown in our direction. One of the main storylines appears to put yet another muscular opponent up against Vin Diesel. I swear that he’s going to have fought everyone in the WWE before long.

For their next act, John Cena will be staring down Dominic Toretto as a character that we only know as “Jacob.” The biggest twist here is that Jacob is revealed to be Toretto’s brother. Oh yeah they’re also trying to kill each other so that should be fun. Of course, Jacob is nothing short of superhuman.

Who is coming Back?

In another twist of fate, or so it would appear, Han, the king of Tokyo from Toyko Drift appears to have come back in the fold. The franchise seems to weave different stories that bring characters back from the grave.

We also get a very brief sighting of Lucas Black, also known as Sean Boswell from Tokyo Drift. Until now he was rumored to be a part of the movie. He might’ve had less than a second of screen time in the trailer but his role will be reprised.

From there, we meet some recurring themes in the FNF Universe. Some of these include family, of course, along with expensive cars and some crazy ones. We even spot a Pontiac Fiero strapped with rockets in the trailer. All of this comes with the familiar faces that one might expect.

How is all of this going to unfold? Will we see any characters that we thought would never return? Just how crazy is this all going to get?

We will learn just that when the movie drops on May 22, 2020.


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