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Fast Go Kart On The Streets Looks Insanely Fun!

As gearheads, we can get our kicks from all sorts of different sources. Just because it doesn’t have a license plate tacked to the back doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s something that isn’t fun. In fact, I think that beyond cars and bikes, most of us would probably say that we have some sort of hobby outside of those things that you can put on the highway and many times, these peripheral hobbies also have something to do with horsepower or going fast. There’s really just something about that need for speed and the adrenaline that you get from it that’s difficult to get away from.

This time, instead of a street-legal vehicle, we get to see none other than a go kart that absolutely rips. No, we aren’t necessarily talking about that kart that your dad bought for you when you were 12 years old, but instead, the shifter kart that looks to be insanely fun and deliver a ton of power to the street. This thing not only looks like an absolute blast to drive but also sounds the part as well as it absolutely screams when this driver rips around the course that’s laid out on the streets.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be given what looks to be almost a first-person perspective as the camera is mounted on the kart to show you exactly what it’s like to blast around in something that so small yet potent. After watching something like this, I think that every single person who lays eyes on it is probably going to want to give this a shot. If you enjoy your time behind the wheel of something bigger, this would be a nice alternative to get your kicks and could arguably deliver even an even bigger thrill than something more sizable as it sticks to rails hitting those turns in style.