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Fastest Honda S2000 in the World Again! 6.78 @ 203MPH

In the world of Sport Compact racing, especially when you think of Hondas, you generally picture a Civic hatch with a gutted interior and some kind of boosted power plant under the hood powering the front wheels. Some of these cars can be brutally quick, make no mistake. However, there’s one particular car that broke the mold for those faithful to the “H”, the rear wheel drive S2000

While it flies in the face of most everything Honda drag racers know and love about their cars, the rear wheel drive configuration is definitely better for drag racing than front wheel drive, especially when it comes to weight transfer and traction. The FWD Civic contingent have certainly figured out how to make their cars work well, but with all other factors being equal, it’s just easier to make a car put down more power and hook harder when powering the rear wheels, making the S2K a uniquely well suited drag chassis for the Honda crowd.

If you need proof of that, look no farther than this S2K, known as S2King, competing at the World Sport Compact Challenge at world famous Orlando Speed World in Florida. Powered by a ridiculous F22 Honda engine that cranks out 375 horsepower per cylinder – yes, you did read that correctly: 375 ponies per piston – the S2King team was already the world record holder for the S2000 community. However, like most successful teams, they didn’t just sit back and wait on the world to catch up.

Pushing the car as hard as it’s ever been pushed, the team managed to lower their record, clicking off a gorgeous 6.78 second elapsed time at 203 MPH. The in-car footage of the pass is nothing short of glorious, with the driver banging gears in the transmission like a machine while wheeling the car down the quarter mile. Congrats to the S2King team for their new record, we’re looking forward to the hunt for 6.60’s and 210 MPH guys!