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The Fastest Stick Shift Cars in the Country Face Off For $2,000 Winner Take All Battle

There’s something about stick shift racing that holds a special place in our hearts. Every form of racing needs a good driver behind the wheel. There’s something about the stick shift that really levels the playing field, though. It seems to be a world where there’s an even more substantial gap between good and great.

There are a lot of classes to choose from in the world of racing. Those that revolve around changing gears with a stick really means that drivers need to bring their A-game on every pass. There’s certainly no stabbing and steering done here as every gear needs to be selected just right to take home victory.

Perhaps one of the most exciting parts of a class like this is that anybody could win at any time. This was especially true at this past weekend’s Import vs Domestic World Cup Finals. With a handful of top qualifiers separated by maybe a couple of tenths, one mistake could be the difference. This is especially true as these cars were really rowing the gears into the seven-second range.

This mini-tournament within the event’s qualifying even had a couple of record holders. With a purse of $2,000 on the line, we would see the fastest GM, Ford, and RWD import on hand among others. Cleetus McFarland even made a guest appearance to take a shot at some cash.

By following along with the video below, we get to sit trackside to watch as some of the nastiest stick shift machines around go at one another. Both imports and domestic alike line up here and attempt to go for gold. When eliminations started getting deeper, each and every competitor knew that there was stout competition bearing down on the back bumper.

Are there faster cars out there? Sure. We would argue that the action doesn’t get all that much better than a stick shift throwdown, though!

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