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Father And Son Trapped In A Forest Fire, Forced To Drive Out

If you’re talking about something like a natural disaster, these things don’t necessarily always throw out warning signs that alert people to the idea that they’re coming. Sometimes, a storm or a fire can just break out at a moments notice and really leave people in a bad situation. This is why these types of events claim plenty of lives each and every year.

This time, we catch up with the father and son duo that would be caught in the middle of such an event and were left to think quickly in order to get out of it. It really seems like they did a good job keeping their calm under pressure but would it be enough to get them out of the sticky situation?

This what all went down in Glacier National Park out in Montana as a wildfire would break out, spreading from just 5 acres at first to more than 2000 within the span of a couple of hours. If you’re spending the day in a National Park, it could be very easy to spend such an amount of time out there without even noticing the fire, especially with how far and wide these places tend to spead.

The following video is a bit terrifying as we watch this father and son trying to make their way out of the forest as the flames just keep getting bigger and bigger, blocking them in on the road until they finally come to a place in the trail where a tree has fallen down and stops them from proceeding any further.

If you follow the video below, you’ll see a sequence that looks like it’s almost something out of an action movie. After being blocked by the trees, the two ended up reversing back down the trail once again and finding a couple of park employees to rescue them via boat.