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Father Goes For A Ride In a ’71 700hp 505 Big Block Chevy Chevelle!

The memories that you can make with your parents now will be the ones that you treasure forever! While it might not seem like it in the present, something like this video could really mean a lot! One of the most classic ways for a father and son to bond is over the engine bay of a car. While gearhead technology most certainly has come a long way from where dad used to dabble with a wrench and can of WD-40, it still provides a nice common ground for families to come together. Heck, who knows, this Chevrolet Chevelle might just be boasting some old school technology to pump out those 700 ponies.

This time, we have a father and son combination that is spending some quality time riding around in the son’s American classic, a Chevelle with a big block under the hood that is making some serious power! The old Chevy really looks to have some juice behind it and being as dad might have a good reaction to the power when it’s unleashed on a nice and leisurely ride, it’s only natural to lay into the throttle a little bit.

A couple of strong pulls would have dad smiling from ear to ear. I think that if it were up to him, they would keep on riding around in the Chevelle all day! He couldn’t get over how the front end of the car would just pull up into the air and stay there as long as his son’s foot was planted into the throttle, really letting all of those cubic inches sing!

Ride along with this quality time down in the clip below as the scream of that engine is something that could really bring a family together and this time, it does exactly that. You can’t help but love this video!


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