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FBI Agent Says You Should Wrap Car Keys in Tin Foil When You Aren’t Using Them

With the way that electronics work these days, there are a lot of nice features that are great to have with something like your automobile that can make it much more versatile and easier to use. However, sometimes, those features can turn around and bite you in a variety of different ways, including how a criminal could access some of the electronics in ways that you wouldn’t want them to. This could take place with a variety of different applications but this time, we take a look at technology that’s a little bit older and apparently, those who are looking to steal your car have figured out a way to use it against you.

If your vehicle happens to be equipped with a key fob that allows you to electronically open it from afar, as most vehicles do these days, you could potentially be at risk for someone intercepting the signal remotely and using it for no good to get into your vehicle. The solution is one that’s rather simple and might seem like a hack job tinfoil hat type of solution, however, it seems like experts are agreeing that doing something this simple could potentially protect you from those who have ill intent when it comes to this sort of tech.

If you follow along with the video below from CBS News, you learn a little bit about how wrapping your key fob in tinfoil, yes, we are serious, could potentially be a method of protecting your signal from a hacker should they want to get into your car. This almost seems like some sort of poorly executed joke, however, I guess that if it truly does help to keep your car protected, it might be something that can potentially be worth the little bit of extra effort that goes into a solution.