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Ferrari 458 Italia vs BOOSTED Suzuki Hayabusa

Ferrari 458 Italia vs BOOSTED Suzuki Hayabusa 

Naturally, when you hear the Ferrari nameplate, your thoughts resort to a prestigious Italian racing heritage and with this comes the misconception that if it’s a Ferrari, it’s one of the fastest things on the road.

In this one, a Suzuki Hayabusa lines up with a Ferrari 458 Italia to show you how untrue that really is. Honestly, when we clicked on the video, we expected a fair race, but a fair race is about the farthest thing from what actually happened.

Check out the video below as the Ferrari get beat so bad that the motorcycle isn’t even within the sight of the camera at the end of the race. We give mad props to the runner up for actually posting this video. We know what it’s like to be on the wrong end of a race.

This isn’t the first time a Ferrari has taken a surprise beat down. Watch one lose to an… electric car?

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