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Ferrari 488 GTB VS Lamborghini Huracan… 1/4 Mile From a Dig!

It’s no secret that while Speed Society as a whole genuinely does love all types of cars and all types of racing, I personally am a quarter mile guy. Don’t get me wrong, I can watch any type of racing and get 100% into it, but I grew up going to the drag strip with my dad and that’s always been the type of racing I prefer.

One of the admitted drawbacks of being a fan of drag racing is that there just aren’t too many exotics that hit the sticky, which is also a large part of the reason I really don’t know too much about them as a segment of vehicles. If you want to talk about anything from Camaro to Mustangs to Pro Mods to Top Fuel, I can hold my own with your average gearhead all day. Ask me about a McLaren or Lambo, and you’ll get a glazed over look. It’s not that I don’t want to know more about them, I just haven’t crossed paths with very many of them in my world.

However, there is one guy who I can always count on to bring these two worlds together, and that’s Brooks from Drag Times. As you might guess by the name of his channel, Brooks is also a big fan of drag racing. He definitely does some other stuff too, since these types of cars are better suited for running more speed than elapsed time, but he always at least hits the track to get a good representative run out of whatever car he’s driving to give us a glimpse at what it’s capable of through the 1320.

In this video, Brooks and one of his buddies are at the legendary Palm Beach International Dragway in Florida where they’re going head to head, taking one another on in a Lamborghini Huracan and Ferrari 488 GTB. These two red rockets are surprisingly evenly matched and at least the first two passes are very close. On the third pass, the driver of the Lambo has a much better reaction time and wins by a large margin. The Lambo runs a quicker ET on all three passed, but both cars are closely matched and made for some great racing.

Thanks as always to Brooks for the footage and the excellent data. I now have a mental file for what each of these cars are capable of in the quarter thanks to this video!