Ferrari 812 Superfast Does Nearly 200MPH On The Autobahn!

Oh, the Autobahn.5x the entries right now to win this 2020 Matrix C8 Corvette + ...

Oh, the Autobahn.

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For those who have a need for speed, here in the United States, we always have to worry about putting that speed to use on the highway. When you want to lay into the throttle a little bit and stretch the legs on your car, sometimes, you have that little voice in the back your head telling you not to do it because, well, at the end of the day it’s against the law and probably an exercise that’s better carried out on a proper surface like a race track that is designed for you to be able to go as fast as the track’s design will allow.

However, if you’re able to someday find your way to the Autobahn with its sections of highway that have no speed limit, all of your apprehension about cracking open the throttle and having a nice little time out there on the roads will go away as a police presence is unnecessary since there are no rules in regards to how fast you can go out there on the highway. It seems like a type of paradise for any gearhead who has ever hopped behind the wheel and wondered exactly how fast their vehicle could go. It turns out that the owner of this Ferrari is actually heading out to try to obtain that top speed as he takes us along for an in-car ride think it’s pretty intense.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll catch the driver behind this Ferrari 812 Superfast as he pounds the throttle, creeping his way up to nearly 200 mph as he really gives us a good demonstration of the sights and sounds from the cockpit of the car when it’s climbing to some pretty monumental speeds. This is one for the record books so be sure to crank up your speakers and listen in to exactly what this car has to offer as it gives you a little bit of adrenaline rush, even from the safe side of the screen.

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