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Extreme Throwback: Ferrari F40 LM Driven HARD!!!

Extreme Throwback: Ferrari F40 LM Driven HARD!!!

There’s nothing like hopping into an old school situation, especially if you’re looking for that raw, uncut adrenaline rush that is few and far between in the days of electronic everything.

This Ferrari is here to help us get to the roots of our culture while simultaneously going balls to the wall to give us that adrenaline rush that deep down inside, every last one of us craves like mad.

In a world of supercars being collected to be looked at, it’s necessary that folks live on the flip side of the coin as well, take for example this super throwback of a Ferrari F40 that absolutely screams around the track, pushing the car to its limit.

You can check out the video below that we’ve sourced from the far away land of 1992 in which we get an in-car view of the driver pushing his Ferrari hard. Even though it’s shot with nothing short of a potato camera from the era, this vintage video is still tons of fun to watch.

This 17-year-old beating on a Ferrari F40 might just make you cringe.

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