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Ferrari F50 Shooting Flames On An Early Morning…Badass!

When it comes to the cars that are on the highest tier of the most respected machines, you can look to something like a Ferrari F50 to be somewhere among the pack. Due to not only it’s beautiful performance but also the curves and angles that make the car what it is, many hold such machines in high regard. When you consider how rare they are, the package gets even better. With all of that in mind, being able to see one of the things in motion is a true treat to be had by just about any car enthusiast who can enjoy high-performance.

In this one, we take the opportunity to check out an F50 in all of its glory, revving the engine up, spitting flames, and accelerating to the delight of anybody who gets the opportunity to lay their eyes and ears on this video as it’s a true all-around experience to witness. This seems like one of those cars where they really hit the nail right on the head, getting just about everything right from the way that it looks to the way that it sounds and everything in between. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if it smelled perfect! Given that this is a car that you might find in a museum one day, it’s pretty neat that you’re able to see it out there today being beat on.

Follow along in the video below that is used to put you on location to see what this mesmerizing machine is all about as it tears through the streets with no holds barred and might have just found its way into your heart. After you get a chance to check the car out from top to bottom, be sure to report back with which part of this machine is your favorite.


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