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Ferrari Laferrari Gets Towed by a Breakdown Lorry

We were left with more questions than answers after watching this quick clip of a $1.5 million Laferrari being towed through the streets on the back of what our European neighbors call a Breakdown Lorry. I’ve never been overseas, so I get to perpetuate the “Ignorant American” stereotype and admit I’ve never seen a tow truck that looks quite like this, so I have to make a few assumptions.

It appears the truck works like a small crane like those used in shipping yards to move containers, using straps wrapped around the wheels to pick the ultra-rare Leferrari up and place it onto the trucks deck. While that seems like it could damage the wheels, we have to assume this towing company was specifically selected to transport the car, and possibly damaging the wheels is likely a compromise over possibly dragging the nose on the deck of a typical rollback style wrecker.

Hopefully there isn’t too much wrong with the gorgeous Italian ride and the owner will have it back on the road soon, ripping through the streets and sounding amazing!