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Ferrari, Porsche Vandalized As Protestors Burn Down Random Cars.

Porsche & Ferrari vandalized, set ablaze during Yellow Vest protests in Paris

It’s no secret that protests can get a little bit messy from time to time. Now, obviously, not every protest is down and dirty in the streets but there is no denying that folks can get a little bit carried away in the pursuit of their cause for change. This time, it just so happened that the collateral damage hit pretty close to home for us in the performance automobile community.

To get the full understanding of what exactly is happening here first, it’s important to address what the deal is with the highlighter-yellow colored vests. In the initiative group that’s known as the “Yellow Vest Protestors,” long story short, the main goals of the movement are to change the diesel tax that the group sees to be unfair and raise the minimum wage amongst other concerns, according to NPR. These regulations are such that the collective feels negatively affects the lower and middle class disproportionately. Normally, the group has been known for peaceful protests, says NPR, but they continue that with this demonstration, “French authorities note that most of the violence and vandalism were incited by anarchists known as “casseurs” — rioters, thugs from the ultraleft and ultraright.”

As far as a sound reason behind why these particular cars, a Porsche Cayman, Porsche 911 and a Ferrari California were destroyed, well, there isn’t one. The best that we could come up with is that these random cars on the street seemed to signify the upper class. The machines would act as a sort of punching bag to take a shot at those who the protestors feel aren’t in their shoes. Maybe someone out there can make heads or tails of how that one makes sense.

The video below showcases the demonstration that has been brought about as a result of this anger. The scene isn’t pretty as the trio of sports cars and exotics end up getting pounded with nearby debris as well as being set on fire.