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Ferrari vs Honda Powered Hot Rod, Which Sounds Better?

Ferrari vs Honda Powered Hot Rod, Which Sounds Better?

Ricky Boada has one of the more unique rides we’ve ever seen, and you know when it shares most of a video with a gorgeous Ferrari and the comments are all about Ricky’s Model A, he’s definitely done something worth talking about.

While Rickey calls his car a rat rod, there’s really nothing at all ratty about it. His Model A looks more like an Indy car with a scaled down Model A body bolted on it, thanks to the massive rear wing and open-wheel style. When it comes to power, a build like this could utilize pretty much any type of engine, from the ubiquitous LS to a Coyote to a 2JZ, but Ricky went with something relatively unexpected: a Honda S2000 swap.

When most of us hear Honda, we think of their long lineage of inline 4-cylinder engines, but the S2000 featured one of Honda’s few deviations from the I4 layout, instead powered by a longitudinally mounted V6. As you might imagine, the relatively stout little six-banger does a great job of pushing the lightweight, low-slung Model A on the streets, giving it plenty of power and a great, snarling exhaust note.

The car sounds so good that even when compared to the exhaust of an exotic like this Ferrari F430, which is rocking an aftermarket exhaust from Capristo. The Ferrari, which is one of the best looking cars on the road today, is absolutely overshadowed by the Model A with its outlandish wing and wide stance. While it is low key as far as color selection and is literally the opposite of blinged out, there’s something undeniably badass about Ricky’s car.

After an afternoon of cruising with the Ferrari, they head back to The Barn Miami, where the guys break out the sound meters to see which of the two cars is louder. As you might expect, with basically open exhaust, the Model A is the louder of the two, but not by as much as you’d probably expect.


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