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Field Day Featuring Matt Field! Glorious Raw Sounds of 1060 Horsepower Echoing Throughout the Valley at 7500RPM

Have you ever been browsing YouTube looking for that perfect video of a screaming engine, when all of a sudden you do stumble upon it but, when the surprise of music being played over the sound of the car comes and you can’t help but wish that whoever uploaded video had left all of the special effects and fancy editing out of the equation? Yeah, we’ve been there too. This time, however, we get the chance to check out raw video… well, It isn’t exactly 100% raw as it is a visual experience that has been finely crafted, but when it comes to that audio track, it’s nothing more than the reverberation of 1060 hp blasting its way through the valley at 7500 RPM.

That’s right, Matt Field is behind the wheel of his Formula Drift car that features a Vortech Supercharged LS engine and he’s putting everyone on notice! It’s a pleasure to watch as he precisely pilots the Falken Tire S14 through the curves, carving his way around this perfect set of twisty roads, making just about anyone who is within a couple of miles know that he’s about that wide open lifestyle. There’s just something about this car that really makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up when he really slams that long, skinny pedal to the ground. In fact, when the throttle on this thing is cracked open, you can’t help but feel like the engine is almost angry as it pushes all of that horsepower to the tires and has a vicious exhaust note to complement the action.

Follow along down the video below created by Heatwave Visual that’s known as “Field Day.” If you weren’t aware of how much of a bad ass Matt Field is behind the wheel, I think that now you have a little bit better of an idea of how this guy goes about slaying tires. After checking out a display like this, you’ve got to let us know exactly what you think of how this all went down. Personally, I think I might have to go back and watch this one another time with my speakers cranked all the way up!


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