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Fighter Jet Buzzes Bystanders With Extremely Low Take Off

Fighter pilots are some of the most well-trained and highly skilled aviators on the planet, putting their powerful, nimble aircraft through the paces and pushing the boundaries of physics often.

But, they also have a sense of humor, though it may not always come across as humorous to those on the receiving end. The spectators in this video, for example, don’t seem to be all that thrilled that this pilot decided to greet them with a nice close-up view of his thrusters while heading for the great blue yonder. I can’t deny, this looks really sketchy, almost as if the plane is struggling to gain altitude, but it was all just a clever – if ballsy – joke by the pilot to have a little fun with those folks on the ground. As you can see, the plane has no problem flying off into the distance once the pilot has had his fun with the onlookers.

Check it out, do you think you would have hit the deck, or would you have known the pilot was in control and stood your ground when he buzzed just a few feet overhead?