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Finding the Best Way to Escape a Car Or Truck that’s Sinking Fast

Sometimes, when you’re simply driving down the road, your mind can really begin to wander and if it hasn’t yet been doing that, sorry about this because you might just find yourself thinking about the next time you roll over a bridge or next to a lake. I think that I can speak for a pretty good amount of people when I say that sometimes when rolling near liquid, you might not be able to help but think about what will happen if it all collapsed or you somehow ended up veering off the side of it into the water. What would your plan of action be if you were to be caught up in a situation that’s as stressful as this?

While it might all be theoretical and odds are that it’s probably never going to happen, this time, we dive into the science behind it just in case you should ever up getting tied up in that awful situation that we would never wish on anybody. The logistics are pretty crazy and, as it turns out, if you have the right amount of knowledge about the issue and you somehow get tied up in the situation, it’s not as bad as you might think if you can manage to hold your breath for a couple of minutes, that is.

Follow along in the video below and you’ll check out the simulated situation of what it might look like if you crashed your car into the water as Adam and Jamie, the crew behind the MythBusters, go down underwater in a pool as they try to see what it’s like to try and get out of a car that’s going down fast. As it turns out, pressure has a lot to do with it and if you can remain free of panicking and wait until the pressure equalizes, you might be able to pop open the door and make your way to safety.

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