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Fire Department Puts On Dazzling Lights Display

As technology advances, we see amazing things happening every day in the world around us. From medical breakthroughs and advancements in treatment  and patient care to new ways to communicate in faster, more intimate and private ways, technology makes a huge difference in the world literally in every way. Some of these advances save lives, some make life easier and more fulfilling. Some, as you’ll see below, are just freakin cool!

I remember the first “dancing” Christmas Light display I ever saw. It was on YouTube, and while I can’t remember where it was, or even what songs the creator used to bring his display to life, I remember thinking how amazingly cool it was to see something that had always existed in basically static form brought to life in such an amazing way.

Since then, I’ve found a couple of local residences who use a computer to animate their displays, bringing their Christmas spirit to a whole new level, while occasionally causing a small cul-de-sac traffic jam. These families invest countless hours and dollars in their setups, but watching kids and grownups a like dazzled by the display is certainly worth the sacrifice.

This video is similar, but different. Instead of strands of lights hooked to a central controller, the Sterling, Colorado Fire Department decided to use something they have already to put on their show: First Response Vehicles. With a couple of big fire engines, an ambulance, and two smaller trucks on hand, the SFD had all the supplies needed to light up the holiday season. They just needed a little automation and a special guest appearance by a jolly, bearded guy in a red suit and this is the result: the coolest video Christmas card ever made!

Hit that play button and enjoy the show, and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us here at Speed Society, courtesy of the Sterling Fire Department!


Sterling Fire Dept. puts on a Christmas light show

Well, this is just awesome. Check out the Christmas light show courtesy of the Sterling Fire Department.

Posted by KRDO NewsChannel 13 / on Thursday, December 6, 2018


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