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Firebird Pulls All 4 Wheels Off The Ground

As the owner of a ’99 WS6 Trans Am, 4th Gen F Bodies will always have a special place in my heart. My ‘Bird is mildly upgraded compared to this nitrous-huffing hotrod, but I can’t help but feel a bond with this guy. Captured by our buddy Justin from JMalcom2004, this Firebird hit the sticky surface at Middle Georgia Motorsports Park for some grudge racing action, and boy did he find out just how sticky that MGMP surface can be!

On the first hit, the front end starts to come up and the driver, whose name we don’t have at the time, catches it on the way up and blips the throttle. This causes the nose to drop safely back to the track and the car continues on down the track, laying down a solid looking run.

The next pass, however, is when things get a little more out of hand, although I have to say, given how quickly the nose came up, the driver did a damn good job of keeping things under control. As soon as the the tree dropped, you can see the nitrous flames exiting the fenders. Almost immediately, the nose heads skyward, yanking the front wheels off the track and into the air as the rear tires dig hard into the starting line.

You can actually see when the driver pulls his foot off the throttle, the momentum causes the rear tires to come off the track too, briefly leaving the car suspended in space before the driver nails the gas again as the car is beginning to return to earth, catching the nose on the way down and preventing it from slamming into the concrete. Not only did he save the crowd from having to sit through a lengthy cleanup, he also kept himself and his team from dealing with broken parts on the car.

On the last pass, the nose comes up again, requiring another blip of the throttle like the first run, but this time things stay in check a little better and the driver lays down yet another killer pass.