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Firetruck Makes Lane Change Like a Boss!

When it comes to the cars and trucks of this world, obviously, not all machines have been created equally. Sometimes, certain machines will have an edge on others in order to do something better whether it be because the owner paid more for this luxury or because the machine is designed for utility or a mix of the two. As you can imagine, something like a firetruck would probably need to have a lot of special equipment on board as these guys go above and beyond, making their way toward dangerous situations that need the best equipment available in order to combat these instances.

With this in mind, obviously, these trucks need all kinds of storage compartments and specialty tools on board that would be able to spray water to suppress the fire and keep things in place so that the firefighters know where they are exactly when they need them, however, this time, we take a look at another feature that is a little bit more subtle and one that most people wouldn’t think of when they thought of a firetruck. This time, it’s a mechanical feature of the truck itself that really managed to wow this trailing truck driver as he pulled out his camera and filmed the action on the highway.

Follow along in the video below as this firetruck pulls out its four-wheel steering, changing lanes in a hurry by taking that long and heavy body and maneuvering it to the next lane over by steering with not only the front wheels but the rear wheels as well. To get this thing around in tight spaces, this kind of feature almost seems to be a must. Without it, I’m sure that getting that big long body of a truck around would be a lot more difficult and could potentially mean life or death depending on where the truck is headed.

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