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Fireworks Erupt in The Trunk, New Years Gone Wrong?

When it comes time to celebrate the new year, people have all different sorts of ways of ringing in the change of the calendars with their own very special tastes. Across the board, folks come up with all sorts of methods of celebrating that are both unique and traditional alike. As you probably know, one of the most tried-and-true ways to celebrate just about any holiday is setting off some fireworks. It’s quite a process as you go to the store, pick out just the right fireworks to make the best show and head back to just the right spot to set them off.

It looks like that was exactly the plan here, however, instead of making it all the way to the vantage point, this excited partier would fail to make it! Instead, the fireworks in the trunk of this Dodge Charger would find a way to become ignited and before long, not just one firework would go off but instead, the whole lot of would be shooting out of the trunk! There’s no information as to if this was done on purpose or not. I mean, you would assume that people would be smart enough to remove the fireworks from their vehicle before selling them off, however, we have seen worse done on purpose with innocent intentions. We’ll just give them the benefit of doubt and assume that this was some sort of accident.

Check out the video below as the fireworks shoot in every which direction, giving this car owner one steaming hot machine to start off their new year with. There’s nothing like an insurance claim to get your 2018 started off right! For such a big plan to go wrong had to be quite disappointing. We definitely feel for the person who owns this car and hope that they had the best of luck in getting it replaced by their insurance company. This one is certainly going to leave a mark throughout the car, that’s for sure.


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