Firing up a Frozen BMW From Inside a Massive Block of Ice

To preface an experiment like this, we have to say that the Garage 54 YouTube channel ...

To preface an experiment like this, we have to say that the Garage 54 YouTube channel has been behind some of the wildest experiments on the platform. These guys know no limits when it comes to trying new things. This particular trial involving a BMW shows just how far they will push it.

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For those who are familiar with colder climates, they know of the struggle with snow. When things get snowy and icy outside, drivers have to come out and clear their cars off. On the other hand, though, there are some who simply let their vehicle warm-up and melt all of the ice. This is a concept that this YouTube channel wanted to take head-on.

In this one, we watch as they take that concept to a whole new level. Instead of a thin layer of ice covering a car in the morning, they decide to completely immerse a BMW in a thick block of ice. From there, the challenge will be to start the car up and let it get warm.

The ultimate goal is to see how the car interacts with the ice. Will it be able to start up at all? Once it’s running, how long will it take for the car to melt the ice? We have no idea why we’re curious about these answers. However, once the situation is presented to us, we can’t help but wait to see how this all pans out. In all likelihood, there will probably never be a situation where we have to start up a car inside of a block of ice.

By following along with the video below, though, we could see exactly how something like this evolves. Garage 54 is known for its wacky and off-the-wall experiments. This one, though, might just take a cake is one of the craziest.

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