First Convertible C8 Spotted in the Wild Could be the Rarest Corvette EVER

For the time being, it seems like the world has been put on hold. Some of these ...

For the time being, it seems like the world has been put on hold.

Some of these halted operations are to be expected. Naturally, the healthcare industry has undergone major shifts. However, many of the elements of the fallout from COVID-19 really seem to be things that we would’ve never thought of.

We aren’t saying that these things are more important than public health. However, they’re certainly noteworthy. It’s hard not to notice that almost every industry has been altered. This even includes the automotive industry. Who would’ve ever thought that the major automakers would be shut down for this long of a period of time? It’s sure to have some long term effects.

The Rarest Corvette Ever?

From the shutdown, we might be able to expect some pretty crazy trends to emerge over the next couple of decades. For example, the production of the 2020 Corvette has already been cut short. As far as we have been told, some customers aren’t going to be able to get their ordered 2020 models. Instead, it seems that they will be compensated with a 2021 model. GM was already behind on production due to a strike. Quarantine has only stood to knock them further off schedule.

According to CorvetteBloggerthe 2020 Corvette convertibles were due to be delivered to owners right about now. They seem convinced that if factories are up and running within a couple of weeks, the delivery of these 2020s should still be possible.

However, with all of the delays, these owners definitely won’t be getting their cars on time. A couple of the convertibles have been produced as we’ve seen. It’s really hard to say how much of the demand and order placement General Motors will be able to meet, though.

Spotted in the Wild

We did get exciting news as photos of the first 2020 convertible has been spotted in the wild. These pictures were posted by the user, Sin City, on CorvetteForum.

With everything on hold, though, this convertible might be an incredibly rare sight. In fact, if the production of the 2020 convertible gets bumped a year, it might become the rarest corvette in existence.

Only time will really tell what happens with the first model year of the C8. For now, though, let’s just enjoy feasting our eyes on the first convertible seen out and about!

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