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Ride Along With the First Drive in a 750hp Daddy Dave Built DDR Concepts Mustang

Sorry if this sounds like we’re tooting our own horn here a little bit. Here at speed Society, though, we have given away some downright amazing automobiles. In order for something to make the cut, it has to be exciting for us. Therefore, we know that it will be exciting for those who enjoy Speed Society.

This time, the winner would have three different options to choose from. As usual, a cash proponent would allow said winner to have the option to take home $50,000. The exciting part, though, comes in selecting between on-road and off-road.

In the on-road section of the giveaway, we had a tricked out 750 hp Mustang built by Daddy Dave up for grabs.

The off-road selection would be an equally epic ride in a tricked out Ford Raptor.

The choice would be a difficult one. However, in this one, the winner had his mindset. As you probably deduced by now, he chose to go home with the 750 hp Ford Mustang. This is the decision that definitely didn’t seem to have a losing option.

In a vlog video, we take you along for the ride as the winner gets behind the wheel of his new car for the first time. When picking Kelley up from the airport to kick things off, Daddy Dave takes the reigns to start things off with a bang. From there, the VIP experience only gets better! Just imagine the feeling of knowing that this car is going home with you.

By following along with the video below, you’ll be able to join in on a moment of pure joy. There’s something about watching someone react to their new ride that really gives us a rush of adrenaline. Each and every time, the feeling only gets better.

Congrats, Kelley. Enjoy your awesome new ride!


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