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First Generation Cummins Makes the Baddest Tow Rig Around

dodge truck custom with kid

Within the truck community, there are several schools of thought. When it comes to that of whether the best truck is an old truck or a new truck, the opinions are split. Some simply love new trucks for the luxuries on board. There’s no denying that when they work, the technology put in place on these things can really come in handy. After all, with something like a backup camera and active lane assist, towing a trailer would be a complete breeze.

On the other hand, though, there are those who starkly believe in their older trucks. Sure, older trucks might not offer up as many cutting-edge features but the simplicity of it all is really what the fanfare is all about. Classic styling aside, which is another reason that people fall in love, these things simply are bulletproof when they’re treated right. Sometimes, some key modifications can really make older trucks, especially the diesel powered ones, last seemingly forever. Even when they do decide to break, generally, the older components are much cheaper and easier to fix than the money you’re shelling out on a new truck repair.

This time, it certainly is an older truck that we’re taking a look at. We think that anybody from any walk of the truck community could find a way to easily fall in love here, though. The platform is a first generation Dodge Ram and, of course, this thing is powered by Cummins. This certainly isn’t just any Ram either as it really looks like the folks behind this one went above and beyond, all in name of putting together a potential tow rig that’s certainly turning heads everywhere it goes.

Be sure to chime in and tell us if you prefer new or old school trucks! Maybe a bit of both is in the cards.


GOLDEN BROWN PAINT JOB ON A FIRST GEN CUMMINS 1993 d350! If you are a first gen fan make sure to check this one out! Today on Salinas I have Renae Cummins's First Gen 1993 d350 Cummins!This truck was fully built by her Husband Sam Cummins and her self.The build consists of-Custom brown paint job by Alamo Customs-22 inch Fuel Hostage Dually wheels -4 inch drop kit-Custom rear roll pan and shaved tail gate-Karriker Kustoms front grill -Straight pipe exhaust with dual tipsDefinetly a super clean First gen with much more to come, catch it at many shows this show season! ————————————————————-Thank you for tuning in to my page and watching todays video!Interested in getting your shop or build recorded? I am available to travel and guarantee exposure in the truck industry. My email is [email protected]————————————————————–

Posted by Salinas Photography on Wednesday, 30 January 2019


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