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First to Get a Ticket Challenge

First to Get a Ticket Challenge

When your job consists of driving around badass cars all day and creating content for the web, doing the same thing over and over might get a little bit boring. Yeah, that happens even when you have millions of dollars in cars at your disposal.

In such a situation, what is one to do? Well, this time, Rob Ferretti, owner of SuperSpeeders amongst other businesses gets together with Matt Farrah, automotive personality, for a bit of a challenge.

This time, we watch as the two square off in a different kind of battle as Rob hops in a bright Electron Blue Chevrolet Corvette with a large wing and Matt wields a Mercedes SLR McLaren, both with the aim of getting the police to write them a ticket.

Check out the video below to see how these two face off, attempting to get a ticket and get back to the warehouse first! This has to be the craziest challenge yet. Will calling the cops on himself be enough for Rob to get the winning edge?