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First Trip Down the Drag Strip in a C8 – How Does the Car do in the Real World?

When a new generation with the performance heritage of the Corvette comes out, it’s hard not to be curious. Fan or not, I think that most performance aficionados are looking to see how this thing will stack up. Whether it’s around the track or down the drag strip, it’s going to be interesting to see how the lifecycle ends up playing out.

To get things kicked off, where is a better place to start than with a factory performance car? Of course, performance nuts aren’t going to be able to leave this thing alone. Heck, we’ve already seen Carlyle Racing throw a nitrous kit on one and another C8 twin turbocharged. How will the car stack up against the quarter mile and competitors in factory trim, though? Defining the baseline isn’t only an interesting exercise. It’ll also give a nice point of comparison for when the mods inevitably end up coming.

This time, it’s Justin Keith aka StangKilr Productions that’s giving his new toy a little bit of a break-in. As one of the founders of Street Car Takeover, what place would be more appropriate to give the car its christening? It was down the lanes at Street Car Takeover OKC to see what the car could do!

By following along with the video below from the StangKilr Productions YouTube channel, we get to join in on all of the excitement of a new car! Afterward, it’s back to the shop to add a little bit of power to a GT500 with a round of mods. I guess that you could say that Justin has his fingers in a little bit of everything fun when it comes to making power!

It’ll be interesting to see what he ends up doing with the C8. We know those mods are definitely on the way!