Bass Boat!? Man Attempts To Break 106 MPH Record, Crashes At 102 MPH

Whether we are on land, in the air, or at sea, the need for speed is incredibly real. ...

Whether we are on land, in the air, or at sea, the need for speed is incredibly real. There’s something within many of us that attempts to chase down that adrenaline rush all the time. For these guys, it looks like they were going at it with a bass boat when attempting to go for a world record. The record would stand at 106 mph. That’s quite the haul for just about anything, let alone a boat that’s designed for fishing. However, that wouldn’t stop these guys from giving it a shot. The effort was valiant but at the end of the day, things got a little bit tangled up for the worse.

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We ride along in quite the turbulent situation as these guys were determined but determination wasn’t quite enough. The ride began to get tense as it approached and quickly surpassed the 100 mile-per-hour mark. As we get faster, each mile per hour would climb more slowly. It seems if they became “stuck” at 102 mph for what seemed to be in eternity. Before long, though, that 102 mph point would be broken. At this point, it didn’t seem like there was much to do to stop it. This is when the whole thing would literally go sideways. After swaying back and forth, the boat ended up tumbling over and chucking the occupants out of it.

It is absolutely shocking that both of them ended up being alright after something like this. After we take a look at the boat that was torn to shreds by the fists of the water, we can’t help but wonder how they made it out in one piece. These guys should really be thanking their lucky stars here. With the machine flying that fast and bodies left at the liberty of momentum, who knows what could’ve happened?

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