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Fisker Patents Car Battery With 500-Mile Range on a Minute’s Charge

In the electric car market, I don’t really think there’s too much of a fuss about who has managed to take it over and reign supreme as a company who really took a firm grasp of the concept of electric car and not only made it incredibly efficient but also made it incredibly cool to own one. If you’re not sure, at this point, we’re talking about Tesla, of course. They really seem to have taken the world of electric cars by storm. However, it really seems like the concept of the mass-produced electric car is only in its infancy so it will be interesting see how the market evolves. Could Tesla be dethroned?

Just think, in a couple of decades, the landscape might look a lot different than it does now. You never know, the electric car market could evolve like the E-commerce market. Just as an example, back in the day, Amazon might’ve been worth next to nothing, taking a back seat to just about everyone, however, later down the timeline, it became the big dog and others that once reigned supreme like eBay might be a simple afterthought. The same thing can happen to any market like the electric car market as Tesla could fade off, making another company the next “Amazon” or it could keep evolving and create a dynasty in that market.



Even though the only name that we really hear about on a regular basis is Tesla, there are lots of other companies out there who are vying to take the power house’s place. One of the other competitors that wants to start biting away at Tesla’s market share is Fisker, an electric car manufacturer that has come out with some pretty exciting news as of late.

If what they’re saying is true and they can deliver on what they have in the works, we will see a battery that will put all others to shame as they have just taken out a patent on such a battery that is not only smaller than what’s available today but also has the ability to be charged in just one minute, less time than it takes you to fill up with gas. In addition, this battery also promises to be able to carry you 500 miles on one charge thanks to its flexible solid-state technology.

Fisker says that this battery technology should be available for automobiles within 4 to 5 years but could be released in consumer electronics even sooner than that. Only time will tell if they’re really serious as competitors in this market as we have seen “news” like this broken as nothing more than a publicity stunt but the horizons really look like they’re teeming with potential, at least if speculation becomes a reality. Who knows, with how fast this market is changing, 500 miles on a single charge might even be laughable in half a decade.