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Fixing a FREE VEHICLE That Cranks But Won’t Start

To the untrained eye, being a mechanic might look like nothing more than diagnosing a problem and looking up the solution. In many cases, the individual working on a car might get lucky and that could potentially be the case. However, in reality, in plenty of situations where someone will find themselves working on a car over here in the real world, things might not go so smoothly.

As it turns out, lots of times, troubleshooting has to be done and one problem could be attributed to a variety of different causes. Because of this, the whole process can get rather expensive and the person working on the vehicle can find that they’ve thrown out thousands of dollars at parts that maybe they never even needed in the first place. Sometimes, that’s just part of the game.

In this situation, it just so happens to be the case as internet mechanic, ChrisFix, just so happen to come across a free Honda Civic that might need a little bit of love before the car can get started. By replacing components like the computer, Chris’s neighbor who gave him the car felt like he had done his diligence in trying to get it started. However, without much luck and quite the investment, eventually, he would end up just giving the car to Chris to see if Chris could have any luck with getting it going.

The video below showcases the steps that Chris had taken in order to try to take a crack at the car that would crank but simply wouldn’t turn over to fire. It seems like the key with situations like these would be to check out the simple things that don’t cost very much, if anything at all, before starting to dig into the more expensive ways to diagnose the car. By riding along with adventures like this, before long, anybody could be able to tackle the task at hand with complete confidence.