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Flame Throwing BMW on the Dyno Burns Down Entire Speed Shop!

Sometimes, with just the right setup, a car will gain the ability to throw flames out of the exhaust pipes. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s doing anything better but, the ricer/Fast and Furious side of us think that it’s pretty darn cool to watch. This time, however, the flames that are shooting out of the exhaust of this BMW end up being not so cool as they create a massive storm that not only formed a sideshow around the car but for everybody who was local to the shop that ended up suffering as a result of the very fiery live show coming from the German machine.

Upon seeing a video like this, you might think that a title that has anything to do with a car setting a shop on fire is complete clickbait BS, however, when you see how it all unfolds here, your jaw will drop to the floor and stay there. This all starts as just another dyno session but as we get deeper and deeper into it, we learn that not everything is alright here. It looks like when this flame got in contact with wall, instead of just leaving a dark mark, which is what probably usually happens, the entire place goes up in fire and smoke. That was certainly not how they were expecting this session to end!

Follow along in the video below as one thing leads to another and before you know it, the worst possible case scenario unfolds. Outside of somebody getting injured, I couldn’t really think of a worse possible scenario that would happen when you put a car on a dyno.

After checking this one out for yourself, be sure to tell us what exactly you think went wrong to unleash a situation like this that is going to have these guys with quite a story to explain to their insurance company.