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Flash vs. Apocalypse in the LDR Finals at US Street Nationals! Huge Wheelie!

The final round run in Limited Drag Radial at Bradenton Motorsports Park’s US Street Nationals was one of the most exciting side-by-side passes we’ve ever seen!

Kevin “Flash” Fiscus, behind the wheels of Willard Kinzer’s twin-turbo Mustang hatch lined up against Justin “Little Country” Swanstrom in his nitrous-huffing fox body coupe in what promised to be a great race, both cars running up front all weekend. The tension got off to a quick start when the two decided neither wanted to stage first, leading to a burndown that saw Swanstrom eventually relent and roll in, followed closely by Fiscus.

The amber’s flashed and the pair left hard, and they appeared to be on deep 4.20 passes when both drivers were faced with a predicament downtrack. Swanstrom’s night ended just before half track when his big-inch nitrous mill kicked a rod through the oil pan and lit up the Florida sky with a brief-but-intense fireball. As Little Country’s wounded coupe coasted toward the finish, Flash was beginning to see more of that same Florida sky as Kinzer’s boosted mill reached full song and began to push the nose skyward. Fiscus gave the throttle a few quick pumps and brought the front wheels back to Earth with a masterful driving job, tossing a small shower of sparks as he crossed the finish line to take the win.

The scoreboards told the ET’s – 4.66 for the winner Fiscus to Swanstrom’s 5.05 – but the numbers were inconsequential as few even noticed the numbers after the wild rides in both lanes.