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Fletcher Cox Debuts Beautiful RvW ’67 Mustang in Strong Showing at Lights Out 11

When it comes to the events in drag racing that bring the big names out, anything with Duck X Productions plastered on it should be a good bet. With the likes of Lights Out 11, we saw some of the brightest stars in the business make their way to South Georgia Motorsports Park. Rain would loom but they managed to get the whole race in and the intensity was at an all-time high!

Among the impressive roster of names, we find the likes of Fletcher Cox. A beast on the NFL field, Cox also has a passion for racing. This passion has spawned some pretty crazy cars. In fact, his golden Fox Body Mustang by the name of “Goldust” has quickly become a fan favorite. We get a feeling that his latest debut is going to go a long way toward winning him some fans as well.

We’ve seen a 1967 Ford Mustang teased around social media before. This time, we got to see it go to battle. The impressive combo was built by Racecraft Inc out of Atlanta and powered by a screw blown Disomma Hemi. Tuned by Nick and Rich Bruder with a helpful hand from the Salamis, the machine was really dialed in.

At Lights Out, the car would finally make its official debut. As far as first-time showings go, the Mustang would really make a strong run at the win. As we all know, Stevie “Fast” Jackson would lay claim to the Radial vs the World title yet again. However, Shawn Ayers would pilot Cox’s Mustang all the way to the semifinals before falling to the eventual winner.

In the JMalcolm2004 video below, we check out the car as it really makes some noise. If this showing is any indication for what’s to come, there’s some exciting racing ahead of this beast.