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Floating “Interceptor” Uses Tech to Stop Plastic From Reaching Ocean

Regardless of any sort of political leanings, I think that one thing that we can all agree upon is the fact that we should try to keep our environment clean. One area that’s pretty difficult to do that with is our many waterways. I think that we are all pretty much aware that some unnecessary waste dumping happens in waterways around the world. That’s in addition to all of the trash simply left behind by regular people.

Given that it is 2021 and technology is where it is, it seems as if some folks have stepped in to attempt to clean things up a little bit. With a contraption called a “River Trash Interceptor,” we are seeing a pretty big effort that is actually doing a pretty decent job of removing lots of trash from our waterways.

This time, we get to take a look inside of these floating machines that attempts to remove some of the larger debris from the water in order to clean things up. Using the current of the water and a trapping device, these machines are able to scoop loads of waste into giant onboard dumpsters to be removed.

Via Cnet, “First announced by Ocean Cleanup founder and CEO Boyan Slat in 2019, the Interceptors are moored to river beds and use the currents to snag debris floating on the surface. Then they direct the trash onto a conveyor belt that shuttles it into six large onboard dumpsters. The Interceptors run completely autonomously day and night, getting power from solar panels.”

This time, we get to see the trash interceptors at work. Down in the video below, we check in to see exactly how these processors are able to scrape riverbeds with the hope of making our environment a little bit cleaner for everyone. From wildlife to those just looking to enjoy nature, something like this is definitely taking us in the right direction.


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