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🎥 Florida Mother Dead After Repo Tow Truck Driver Goes Too Far

Being a repo man is most certainly a tricky job. You have the tall order to go and get somebody’s automobile back as they probably owe money to the bank and, a lot of the time, many won’t want to give their ride up without a fight. When a repo agent does come across a situation like this, they have to be firm but also don’t want to go overboard. When things get too out of hand, it might be a good idea for the agent to call the police, if need be, to come and help the situation along in the right direction. While that should be a last resort, there’s definitely a pretty clear line as to when you should stop trying to get the car back for yourself and call in a higher authority.

On this particular job, however, we regret to inform you that this repo man apparently took matters into his own hands too much, chasing down one of the cars that he was supposed to repossess after the owner took off in it. From there, the police were able to deduce that the driver proceeded to push the target repo off of the road, causing said driver’s death in the incident. There’s definitely a line in the sand that the repo man had to observe, showing him exactly what he should be doing when trying to get a car back. This time, he definitely crossed that line, overriding his company’s policy to not chase down the people who run away from the situation.

The news report below can shed some more light on exactly what went wrong and caused this terrible situation to unfold. The job of repossessing a vehicle can really get hairy and it’s up to the person behind it to really use their best discretion to decide what’s safe and what is simply too far. If all of the information presented is factual, this is a clear example of crossing that line.

After seeing something like this, all that you can do is send your thoughts to the family affected by this tragedy.