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Florida Resident Posts Video Floating in Inflatable Pool as Water Rises Toward Living Room Ceiling During Ian

Recently, as many of us know, Hurricane Ian wreaked havoc on the state of Florida. If you would like to help contribute to the rebuilding effort, we would recommend checking out the Red Cross

In an age where we are more connected than ever, the way that we watch life-changing events unfold is definitely different than ever before. The older folks among us remember seeing on the news that a natural disaster like a hurricane was ready to happen and all that was available was the news coverage of the event.

Today, we are able to get a much more personal view of how exactly natural disasters like these impact people’s lives. The way that modern media works really helps people to appreciate exactly what our fellow human beings are going through all that much more, making things feel more real and hopefully making folks more compassionate toward one another.

One story that reached out and touched millions of viewers was that of Beth A. Barrett aka @bigbe44 on TikTok.

The conditions that Barrett faced as she decided to stay put in Fort Myers Beach, Florida, to endure the hurricane, were nothing short of terrifying. Barrett says that she was trapped in her home with flowing water coming in and filling up the house to within 2 feet from the ceiling. This is when she decided to get into a blowup pool to stay out of the water.

@bigbe44Send prayers♬ original sound – Beth 🌞🎣🏖🌴✌

Another video shows just how high the water came outside of her house, flooding the streets and drenching an SUV up to the bumpers.

@bigbe44I’m alive!!!♬ original sound – Beth 🌞🎣🏖🌴✌

The most recent video shows the TikTok user inside of her home asking for help. Don’t worry, though, she does say that a coworker came by to save her but does mention that her house is completely ruined along with her clothes and car. She started a GoFundMe which can be found here.

@bigbe44NEED HELP, VERY COLD, wet and Dark!♬ original sound – Beth 🌞🎣🏖🌴✌


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