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Flying An FPV Drone Through Abandoned Buildings Is Poetry In Motion

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on November 20, 2018

It wasn’t all that long ago when drones were only used by the military and the motion picture industry for the most part. Complicated and unwieldy, remote controlled multi-rotor craft were just not suited for use by the general public.

In the later part of the 2000’s, advancements were made in on-board accelerometers and GPS that made small scale drones much easier to pilot, making them feasible for uses by the masses, and the masses took to the skies. Seemingly overnight, everybody had a drone and, for the most part, everybody has had good luck with them.

Sure, there have been some crashes and some incidents with other flying craft that led to the FAA imposing some rules on public drone use, but by and large, the world is a better place thanks to the awesome footage we’ve been able to capture of our planet and each other from several hundred feet above.

In the few years, a niche has grown out of the greater drone market specializing in precision flying using FPV – first person view – technology to provide the pilot a view that shows him or her exactly what the camera mounted on the front of the drone sees. Combining this tech with some smooth flying has given us the ability to interact with the diminutive craft in ways never before possible, and experienced pilots can capture some truly stunning footage while taking their drone for a quick flight.

Check out this video below, captured by an FPV pilot known as Fincky, as he flies his rig above, around and through an abandoned coal factory. We don’t know exactly where the factory is located, likely somewhere in Europe based simply on what I know about Fincky. The footage is hauntingly beautiful and shows of the incredibly dynamic abilities of a good drone pilot and his rig.


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