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Food Truck Serves Lawsuit to City That They Say Has Banned Competition

Sometimes, when we take a look at certain legislation, we can’t help but wonder what the people who wrote it we’re thinking. Naturally, any law written should be used to help people and make things better and more fair for everyone. However, with one situation that happened in Tarpon Springs, it would appear as if a piece of legislation was written to make the competition a little bit more difficult but only for certain parties – at least that’s what one food truck owner is alleging.

The way that the ordinance is written, it only allows certain food trucks into the city. We know what most people are probably thinking. This has to be so that the streets won’t get cluttered with all sorts of different trucks. If there are enough food carts in any spot, it’s not exactly hard to see how it could eventually become a nuisance. Nobody wants to have every street crowded with mobile businesses jockeying for position.

In reality, though, the plaintiff, in this case, claims that government officials in Tarpon Springs, Florida, have publicly stated that the purpose of this food truck ban is to protect restaurants from competition. That certainly doesn’t sound very American, if you ask us.

Down in the video below, we check in with the report from WFLA News Channel 8 who takes us inside of the story and gives us more details. At the end of the day, most small business owners just want to fairly compete in the market and let the consumer decide where to spend their money. When the government steps in and decides that they need to control this, things begin to get a little bit sticky.

It’ll be interesting to see where everything lands when the lawsuit ends up making heads or tails of the situation.

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