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The Ford Bronco: Prototype Testing

One of the most anticipated releases this upcoming year is coming straight from the wheelhouse of Ford.

In recent years, we have seen all sorts of nameplates revived. Some examples are the Ford GT and Toyota Supra. As these models hold such a stout heritage and cult following, manufacturers shoulder some major responsibility.

Sometimes, these revivals can feel a little bit like a cash grab. At the end of the day, of course, a manufacturer is going to be putting forward their best attempt at earning money. However, some examples really show that they just want to slap a name on a bland vehicle to try and garner sales. Because of this, some enthusiasts think that nameplates are better off buried instead of being used again.

On the other hand, though, Ford, in particular, has shown that they really care about the heritage of their models. The GT, for example, has really gained the respect of the public and media alike. There’s something about a well put together revival that can get enthusiasts really going!

This time, though, the name that’s up for discussion is none other than the Ford Bronco. While the Bronco might not be a supercar like the GT, the platform has put together its fair share of respect. We’re all dying to see exactly how it turns out as Ford has remained a bit tight-lipped about what we can all expect.

The brand is expected to make the grand reveal in the Spring of 2020. For now, though, we get a brutally awesome testing video. This one shows some of the paces that they put the Bronco through in the name of research and development. At the end of the day, hopefully, this will yield a tough and rugged product that can take on whatever the owner wants to throw at it.