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Ford Debuts Australian Supercar Series Mustang

Ford Debuts Australian Supercar Series Mustang

Alright so I’m not exactly sure what to think about this, so I’m just going to share what I know about it and let you guys decide. I’m pretty sure I know what most of you will have to say, so I’m basically throwing this thing to the wolves, but maybe you guys won’t be too hard on it.

Built for the Australian Supercar series, this car has some… Unique features. The most noticeable is the massive rear wing, which is certainly attention-grabbing. Resembling the wings found on certain Subaru STi’s, the wing gives the car an almost cartoonish look from the side and rear views. While I’m sure it serves a purpose on the race track, it seems like, along the way, somebody should have taken a step back and looked at it and threw a penalty flag.

Other than the wing, the rest of the modifications are less pronounced. There’s some aero work done on the nose and a ground effects package that looks great and is probably functional in helping keep the car low and fast through the corners. The rear wheel wells get subtle fender flares to accommodate the meaty rear tires, which are mounted on race-style spindles with a large center hub instead of traditional 5-lug wheels.

From what I can tell about the rules of the Supercar Series, the car has to run a naturally aspirated pushrod-style engine to keep a level playing field between the cars. The livery is fresh and clean, with blue and white graphics with hints of gold that match the wheels.

I want you guys to go ahead and drop your thoughts in the comments. I’m not a fan at all of the wing, but the rest of the car is pretty clean and would make a great package for a street/track car offered from the factory, perhaps as a special-order package.