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Ford Ditches The Power Stroke, Gets Cummins Transplant

If you want to talk about one world where generally, there are a lot of folks who are really brand loyal, look no further than the diesel truck community. Surely, as you can see here, there are some people who can see a little bit of good in just about any brand, however, if you ask most people who own trucks in this world, they will tell you that they waive their flag proudly and wouldn’t dare to traipse into the other brands’ camps. It’s enough to stir up a little bit of rivalry that usually ends up playing out into a fun situation and can even dredge up a little bit of competition here and there.

This time, though, we check out a truck that might just have the brand loyalists a little bit confused. On the outside, sure, it might look like your traditional 6.0L Power Stroke but when you take a little bit closer look, you see a couple of hints here and there that might indicate that this thing isn’t exactly as it came from the factory. The most convincing, perhaps, is the badge on the fender that reads “Fummins,” giving anybody who looks at this truck a little bit of a hint as to what might lie underneath the hood.

Down in the BigKleib34 video below, we’re able to dive into this truck in great detail and see what exactly it is that makes it so special. It seems like this build is coming into its own in front of our eyes with some really fast passes on the heels of trials and tribulations that certainly have to make this success all that much sweeter for the owner. While this might throw some Ford fanatics into a tizzy, we have to say that we’re usually pretty interested in seeing all these different creative combinations come together and this one has certainly piqued our interest.